Throwing A Theme Party For A Birthday Milestone

If there is something that doesn’t change in our lives, it is change. Your age changes every year and you are getting one year older. This is the ultimate truth and no one canstop it. However you can enjoy your ageing and celebrate it as you reach that exceptional milestone especially.

What you can do

When you reached your very first birthday, your parents might have thrown a party. But then most of the time you wouldn’t have remembered what happened at the party even though there are pictures and probably videos. Your memory will most probably be fuzzy. When you reached 16 again your parents and family might have organised a celebration and you must have had fun, however that age again is where you are heady and you think of your appearance rather than having fun with your friends. Twenty five however is a perfect age where it can be considered aresponsible age where you can have safe fun with your friends and family and forget about what other people would think. It is an ideal opportunity for you to throw a theme party with a retro theme such as one where you can dress with 1950’s swing dresses Australia.


By this time you will most probably have a good job and have a steady income. However that doesn’t mean you are going to spend everything on your 25thbirthday party. Make sure you have a proper budget for this. Allocate a certain amount and you can probably start setting aside some money each month when you turned 24. It is also important to have a ceiling amount for this party; otherwise costs may run awry and you would end up spending more than you imagined or assumed that would be spent. Assumptions are not a very good thing when it comes to financing therefore have a budget with a maximum amount for when your venue, food, number of guests, how much you are willing to spend for a door-gift maybe etc.

Pick and interesting theme

It is not a must that the 25thbirthday party be a theme party. However by 25 you would have attended a lot of parties and just another party is not going to make it interesting for your friends or your family. Therefore it is safe to pick a good theme for which people can dress up easily and comfortably, one where they can find proper costumes. But make sure to not to make it so difficult because by 25 your friends are all working and they are busy, hence there maybe not much time to find and put together a very complex costume. You can go retro and maybe your girlfriends can dress up in good pin up dresses and guys can use some old pants and shirts.Every memory counts but you have to make the most of them especially if it is a birthday you are celebrating.

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