Dirt Bikes Or Quad Bikes – Which Is Better

If you are confused whether to purchase a quad bike or a dirt bike, then worry not as we have good reasons for you to make up your mind. Let’s find out what are those reasons.

1. Dirt Bikes are considered to be safe

Most people are surprised by this statement, however, dirt bikes are actually safer when compared to quad bikes. This is due to the fact that a quad bike is known to be stable which gives the rider a wrong sense of security and another reason for this is that the heavy weighted bike, is very dangerous as it is often seen to be rolled over on the rider. When compared to the dirt bike, the dirt bike riders are also prone of getting into accidents however, the rider is usually thrown clear of it.

2. Longer Season of Quads

Well, if you are looking for an option that could be used throughout the year, we recommend you in getting your hands on quad bike. This is due to the fact that a quad bike is a four wheeler whereas, a dirt bike is a two wheeler which is difficult to be used in snow and ice. Quads work better in light snow and have a steady and stable platform which makes it workable in any weather.

3. Cost

When it comes to pricing, dirt bikes Melbourne are considered to be cheaper amongst both the options. Below are some of the details that will give you a pricing comparison of both the types.

Honda quad bike is priced at about $7300 whereas, a Honda dirt bike is priced at $ 4500.

Suzuki quad bike is priced at about $8500 whereas, a Suzuki dirt bike is priced at $7700.

These are just a few examples of famous brands of bikes to give you a comparison of pricing of the both.

4. Less Crashes in Quad Bikes

A four wheeler ride is clearly your go to option if you are looking around for a ride that allows you to move around in a regular speed just for strolling around. This means that a quad bike is considered to be the right option if you require it for passing time here and there and do not really want to push the limits. Although, the fact is that when a crash occurs on a quad bike, they are very much severe but they are less likely to be occurred due to the features offered by them.

5. Quad Bikes are easy to Learn and Ride

Well, if you are looking for an option that wouldn’t require too much of time to be learnt of ridden, then you should opt for a quad bike. A dirt bike on the other hand requires careful drive and needs many instructions which could actually confuse you every time you think about riding it.

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