13 Black Cats on a Broken Plate

There are more superstitions concerning the home than about anything else, except perhaps the theatre. One of the more common is the belief that it is bad luck to have 13 people at the dinner table. No one sells dinner sets for 13, even though the extra setting could be very useful in the event of breakages. Broken crockery however has its uses. In Denmark people throw old or broken plates at the doors of family and friends on New Year’s Eve for good luck, so if you have your eye on a new dinner set from Maxwell and Williams your old one could be put to good use. Breaking a mirror though means 7 years bad luck unless of course you bury the pieces by moonlight. 

It is considered bad luck in parts of Asia to hang your cooking pots upside down or reversed, so your Scanpan cookware NZ should be displayed upright on a shelf or else put in a cupboard. Take care also not to leave the oven empty when it’s not in use; never open an umbrella inside; and don’t leave an empty rocking chair rocking or it will invite evil spirits in. Owning a black cat can be very confusing: a black cat means good luck if it’s going towards you, bad luck if it’s going away, and very good luck if it sneezes. However if you want to find the best place to put a bed in a new home, you let the cat go in first and put the bed wherever the cat first settles; or maybe not.

A new home needs particular care: a silver coin under the foundations to bring good luck or a doll or toy on top to intercept evil spirits. It is bad luck to bring an old broom to a new house, which is probably why a new broom is considered a lucky first gift for a new home. Another suspicious housewarming present is salt, perhaps in one of a set of kitchen canisters if you are feeling generous. And of course every home needs rosemary at the front door to ward off witches. Check this out for the most common house warming gifts to give. 

If you look at kitchenware online you are sure to find some great kitchen knives that would seemingly make an ideal present. But giving a knife or scissors signifies the severing of a relationship, not a good choice particularly for wedding present. However if you include a coin with a gift of knives or scissors, they can give the coin back to you as payment for the knives, which are then not a gift. The bad luck that comes from spilling salt can also be easily averted by throwing a pinch over your left shoulder into the face of the devil lurking there. Spilling wine on a tablecloth is considered good luck, unless you are owner of the tablecloth. Spilling water on the table though means rain is on the way.

Ants also carry good news and shouldn’t be trodden on, and if they build a nest near your home your finances will flourish. A bee in your home is a sign that you will soon have a visitor; kill the bee and that visitor will be unpleasant. Spiders in the house are lucky, so are frogs. Snakes are particularly good luck and can indicate an overseas visitor, hopefully one with a medical degree. It takes very little effort to protect yourself and your home and ensure future good fortune; all you need are a few simple precautions and a house full of creepy crawlies.